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Date Published 29Jan15 1040

With all the excitement surrounding football at the moment with WSW being crowned club champions of Asia, the Socceroos gunning to win their first title and be Asian Cup winners we have our very own story of aspiration unfolding.

At a meeting prior to Christmas the NFA MC decided to invite the winner of our Nepean Cup to enter into Australia’s premier Cup competition, the Westfields FFA Cup.

St Clair United as current winners have recently accepted the invitation and will be entering this exciting tournament in 2015 and we will be following their progress closely and hoping for a fairy tale match up in later rounds!

Team nominations for this years Nepean FA Cup are coming round very shortly, so if you want to follow in SCUSC’s footsteps and have the chance to take on Australia’s best club teams, now is the time to organise your entry for the Nepean FA Cup and who knows who you may be playing against in 2016!!



Date Published 07JAN15

The tinsel has only just been taken down, which means it’s time to start thinking about your football registration needs for the 2015 season.

Positions fill fast, so get in touch with your local club – some useful links follow, or you could go to the MyFootballClub website to find your local club.


Read more: Registration Time



Following loads of requests, we finally relented and joined facebook.  So please, feel free to .... click & ... you know the rest!

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Date Published 01May14 13:06 pm


As the roll out of Small Sided Football continues throughout Australia, we’ve published some summary guidelines of the main points here for ease of reference. More information can be found at www.miniroos.com.au.

Click here to download the summary booklet.





Date Published 10Apr14 13:19pm


Are you the next Ellyse Perry? Can you play Football and Cricket? Are you a girl aged 10-13?  If you’d like to have a go at both of these sports, then take part in the Ellyse Perry Challenge!

Meet International players, learn the skills of both Cricket and Football and have fun with other like-minded girls!

  • A partnership between Football NSW and Cricket NSW
  • Friday 9th May - Blacktown International Sports Park
  • 9:30am – 2:30pm
  • Meet Ellyse Perry and other top players!
  • Aimed at Girls aged 10 - 13 girls who would like to play both games. No skill or experience necessary!
  • Great show bags with lots of goodies!


And all this is free!

Numbers are limited, so please book early. Groups or individuals are welcome.


For more details and to book please contact Renee Rollason, Game Development Officer on Ph: 02 8814 445 or visit the Football NSW website.



Date Published 09 April 2014 11.01am

Most of our clubs are busy registering their players for the coming season, and team vacancies are filling fast. 

Following is a list of clubs who currently have vacancies in the identified age groups. 

Time’s running out, so follow the contact details on the vacancy list below to organise your registration with one of our amazing clubs – they’re waiting to take your calls.  Alternatively, you can go to the CLUBS tab at the top of our webpage, for a full listing of our clubs.

Click here for club player vacancies.



Published 21Jan14

The Nepean Football Association welcomes all new and returning members back after the summer break.

Most clubs now have their winter registrations open to new members.  If you're thinking about registering, don't delay as many clubs fill up fast.  If you're looking for a new club in our district (we cover Penrith, St. Marys, Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains and Warragamba districts within our borders) you can either click on the Clubs tab above, or click the Football NSW banner below to search for your nearest club (http://www.playfootballnsw.com.au )

Our season starts on the weekend of the 29/30 March.  Clubs must have their teams finalised and nominated by 27th February.  Registration fees and what they cover will vary from club to club, so please check with your club or potential club to understand their fee structure.

 FNSW Button Registrations




NRG Logo REDAre you a qualified Referee or are you interested in learning to become a Football (Soccer) Referee?  Nepean Referees Group (NRG), the official referees branch providing services to Nepean Football Association clubs, is now recruiting for upcoming training courses for the 2014 season.  

To register your interest, go to www.nepeanrefereesgroup.com.au and fill in the details under 'become a referee' and a representative of the NRG will get back in touch you with soon after.

 Nepean Referees Group members are paid fortnightly into their nominated bank accounts.  They receive full initial training, and ongoing training and mentoring.  Opportunites for advancement through Football NSW's excellence pathways are available if that's the direction you want to head in, or, you can choose to stay at your district level only.

 For more information, please go to www.nepeanrefereesgroup.com.au and complete an expression of interest.  We look forward to welcoming both new and experienced referees to our group.






Published 20Jan14

Nepean DragonsNepean Soccer Dragons (Special needs football group) is a sub-committee of the Nepean Football Association established in 2007 to provide opportunities for children and young people (and the young at heart), with special needs, to play football in a non-stressful environment, where participants can learn new skills, be part of a team and make new friends.  Parents and carers of players also enjoy a supportive, safe & friendly environment. 

Our special needs program is adjusted for players who cannot participate in a mainstream team because they have a physical or intellectual disability.

Every Saturday morning we meet at jamison Park to practise skills and then have a fun game to finish off the morning's activities.  Throughout the season we visit other special needs groups in other districts and we also host gala days with other groups.  Our group also takes part in the Football For All Gala Day (non compulsory).

Registration Dates will be 1st & 8th February 2014 from 10.30am to 1.30pm at the pavillion near field 9, Jamison Park, Penrith.  For more information on registration costs or if you require extra information, please contact Sharon on 0438 742 534 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our webpage at www.nepeansoccer.com.au/dragons.


Updated 28Apr14 11:06am
The Nepean Football Association continues SSF Football in Season 2014. A summary of the SSF Guidelines for 2014 identifies the non-competitive and Small Sided Football Formats and Rules for each age group from Under 5’s to Under 10’s in the 2014 Season.



Here is some excellent advice covering the selection and wearing of shin pads and below is a link with a document relating to how the matter is being handled by our local referees association. 

 We all know that the wearing of shin pads is compulsory. However, we often don't fully understand our obligations as players, coaches, managers and officials when it comes to thinking of the safety of ourselves and other players. Like the wearing of fluoro vests in factories, warehouses and building sites, the wearing of shin pads is taken for granted and often no -one really thinks about why they are being worn and what they should be doing.

As a result, players opt for comfort and often at the expense of protection. This season our local referees will be examining the situation more stringently than in past years and they will act to ensure that players are properly attired and have the necessary degree of protection from some of the injuries that can occur in relation to the lower leg.

Bigger means covering more of your shins…better protection – but less comfort. Smaller means less protection, more comfort

Definitely, in order to be able to play soccer to your potential, you can’t have too big shin guards.

Q: What is too big?

A: If a shin guard covers more than ¾ of your shin - it is too big.

If someone ever tells you that soccer shin guards should cover the entire length of your shin...
...neither he/she has ever played football nor he/she doesn’t know when the tibia (shinbone) starts and ends.

Remember - do not buy soccer shin guards that will cover your entire shin (up from the bottom edge of the knee cap-down to the top of the foot).
¾ of the length of the shinbone - this is the ultimate length of a soccer shin guard.

What if the shin guard is shorter than that?

According to FIFA rules there are no length limitations.
All it states is that shin guards “are covered entirely by the stockings; are made of a suitable material (rubber, plastic, or similar substances); provide a reasonable degree of protection”.

Just stick with the “3/4 of a length-rule” and you have the best combination of comfort and protection.

Tip! It is very simple to determine the right size of shin guards, actually the length of it.

 Measure the length of your shin and then multiple by 0.75 (3/4-75%). The result is the maximum length of the shin guards you want to buy. That’s it.

Selecting soccer shin guards by sizes-small, medium, large could be confusing, because they differentiate from different manufacturers. So, if you buy shin guards in your local soccer store, make sure you have measuring tape with you.
If you want to buy them on Internet (cheaper), most of the online soccer stores specify the length of every shin guard.


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